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10th Apr 2014


My name is Dorvalla, and first of all I want to thank you all for the awesome [AOSN #1] server you guys got in BF4. I enjoy playing there and it ranks amongst my favorites (i know, i only have one at the moment).

I'd like to adress something that occured to me last night while playing on your server. Because I am low leveled (rank 6 since yesterday) I am forced to play with the guns I am still unlocking, thus when I unlocked the 870 MCS shotgun, i finally had a gun to play decent in within a teamdeath match. However, me and a clanmate of mine were harressed in your server because we were playing as "shotgun noobs". (not by any of you, just random players). This didnt concern me really because they are empty threats in my oppinion. Your rules clearly state that shotguns are allowed cause they are not mentioned. However, when some player decided to take the harressement to the next level, i felt the urge to say something about it.

I said/asked, and I quote (you can check that in your serverlog): "Why would I accomodate you in order to get for you a better fragrate? I dont see anywhere in the rules that state that shotguns arent allowed!" The player in question started inmideatly a !voteban against me, which, to my own surprise passed. (a clanmate of mine told me there was somebody else of his clan in the server) Since it only requires 3 persons to voteban, I got, you guessed, banned.

Now I checked just now, and I could re-enter the server, so I guess your voteban has a time limit on it or somebody cleared it (which then I am gratefull of) but my question arises here is: votebanning, should really just 3 people be allowed to make rulles on this when no admin is present? 

Maybe I am the first one to ask this question, but my whole evening was spoiled yesterday because of this. And I wasn't the only one who got kicked / banned that round because earlier something simular happened with somebody who was playing okay, but because he killed a certain person a few times he got kicked because he was "cheating" while he score was in the negative. (see link below reference to the user thibbart) 

Can I ask you to look into this, because I felt I was being judged unfair on your server by the abuse of the server controls by random people? I know the system isn't perfect, and there are always people who will abuse a certain system that is in place.

Anyway, keep up the good server, it's my favorite and I hope to play on it for a long time!


http://battlelog.battlefi ... 609287424/197621612/ (the round that was on when I got banned. The person in question that initiated the voteban was failtali'1ty)

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10th Apr 2014

Hi and thank you for your feedback.
I think you was round banned. So you can play again now.
I Have deactivated the roundban option, so it could never happend aagain
Welcome back on or server and Have fun!


Joined: 10th Apr 2014
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10th Apr 2014

Thank you for your quick reply and yes, I checked this morning, and I could log back into the server. I am very gratefull!

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