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Console info bf3
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17th Oct 2013

Console Commands

Using the command console while in game is easy to do. It lets you do a tons of stuff for the game. You can show your FPS, change your mouse sensitivity to kicking a player for TKing. So, why don't you take a look at all the commands for the game. 

* To access and run these commands, press the ~ key on your keyboard. A drop down screen will appear, this is where you can enter in these commands. (Don't worry, it's easy!) 

You must be logged in as the server admin and run the admin.execremotecommand "command" console function to execute each command.

admin.getRemoteConsoleEnabled (Displays whether remote console is enabled)
admin.enableRemoteConsole [username] [password] # (Enables remote access to a BF1942 Server) 
admin.disableRemoteConsole (Disables remote access to a BF1942 Server) 
admin.enableRemoteAdmin [password] (Allows a Remote Admin to log into a server)
admin.disableRemoteAdmin (Disables a Remote Admin logging into a server)
admin.execremotecommand "command" (Executes a command (such as those listed here) from remote Admin)
admin.maxAllowedConnectionType [type] (Sets the highest connection type (1-4) allowed to join the server)
admin.voteMapMajority # (Percentage of voters required to change a Map (0 – 1.0))
admin.voteKickPlayerMajority (As above for Votekicks)
admin.voteKickTeamPlayerMajority (As above for Team Votekicks)
admin.enableMapVote 1/0 (Enables/Disables Map voting) 
admin.enableKickPlayerVote 1/0(As above for Votekicks)
admin.enableKickTeamPlayerVote 1/0 (As above for Team Votekicks)
admin.votingTime # (Number of seconds during which players can vote)
admin.kickPlayer [ID] (Admin version of Votekick player) 
admin.banPlayer [ID] (Admin permanent Votekick (ban) of player)
admin.changeMap [map name] (Admin changes map to name specified)
admin.addAddressToBanList [IP] (Adds a player's IP address to banned list)
admin.removeAddressFromBanList [IP] (Removes a player's IP address from banned list)
admin.listBannedAdresses (Lists all banned IPs)
admin.clearBanList (Clears all banned ips)
admin.banTime # (Length of time a banned player cannot join server)
admin.tagPlayer [ID]
admin.bandWidthChokeLimit #
admin.allownosecam 1/0 (Allows player to turn off HUD while flying)
admin.externalviews 1/0 (Allows/disallows external camera view and nose cam)
admin.togglegamepause (Enables/Disables pausing)
admin.setTicketRatio #
admin.autoBalanceTeam 1/0 (Enables/Disables Auto team-balancing when teams are uneven)
admin.delayBeforeStartingGame # (Time delay before a game starts)
admin.roundDelayBeforeStartingGame # (Time delay before a new round starts)
admin.soldierFFRatio # (The ratio of damage (e.g. 0.5=50%) done by Friendly Fire)
admin.vehicleFFratio # (As above for vehicle FF)
admin.soldierFFRatioOnSplash # (As above for weapon splash damage)
admin.vehicleFFRatioOnSplash # (As above for vehicle FF splash damage)
admin.kickBack # (How far player is kicked back when hit)
admin.kickBackOnSplash #(As above for splash damage)
admin.timeLimit # (Time limit for match)
admin.scoreLimit # (Score limit for match)
admin.restartMap (Restarts current map)
admin.setNextLevel [map] (Sets the next map to load after current map ends)
admin.timeBeforeRestartMap # (How much time until the map restarts)
admin.SetNrOfRounds # (Sets the number of rounds)
admin.timeToNextWave # 
admin.spawnWaveTime #
Console.showfps 1/0 (When enabled shows your current Frames Per Second (FPS) in the top left corner of the screen) 
Console.showstats 1/0 (When enabled shows a range of system performance information)
game.sayTeam (Team chat)
game.sayAll (Global chat)
game.listPlayers (Lists players and their id numbers)
game.listMaps (Lists the maps and number assignments in server rotation)
game.voteMap # (Votes to change the map to the number specified)
game.voteKickPlayer [ID] (Calls a vote to kick a player. To vote enter this command with the same number)
game.voteKickTeamPlayer [ID] (Same as above but only teammates are allowed to vote)
game.changePlayerName [Name] (Renames your player in-game)
game.dumpNetworkDebugStats 1/0
game.debugCallBackDisabled 1/0 (Allows use of callbacks to get game info)
game.useHUD 1/0 (Toggles the the Head Up Display (HUD))
game.setShadows 1/0 (Toggles shadows on/off)
game.setEnvironmentMapping 1/0 (Toggles Environment Mapping on/off)
game.setToolTip 1/0 (Toggles tool tips on/off)
game.setRadioToolTip 1/0 (Toggles Radio button text on/off)
game.setCrossHairColor # # # (Adjusts crosshair color based on Red Green & Blue values entered)
game.setStaticMiniMap 1/0 (When set to 0 the minimap rotates as you rotate )
game.setMiniMapTransparency # (The higher the number the more transparent)
game.RadioToolTipColor # # # (Adjusts the color of the Radio button text (if on))
game.getIp (Displays IP in the message window)
game.getLevelName (Displays the name of the level)
game.enableFreeCamera 1/0 (Enable/disable the ability to look around while waiting to spawn)
game.killPlayer [ID] (Kills player with the id number - Admin only)
game.disconnect (Disconnects from the server)
game.suicide (Kills your character)
game.setCommonMouseSensitivity # (Sets Common mouse sensitivity)
Infantry Controls
game.setInfMouseSensitivity # (Sets mouse sensitivity as a soldier)
game.setInfMouseInvert 1/0 (1 for inverted, 0 for default (non-inverted) when a soldier)
Vehicle Controls
game.setLandSeaKeyboardSensitivity # (Sets keyboard sensitivity when using a vehicle)
game.setLandSeaMouseSensitivity # (Sets mouse sensitivity when using a vehicle)
game.setLandSeaMouseInvert 1/0 (1 for inverted, 0 for default (non-inverted) when using a vehicle)
game.setConnection (1-4)
game.setDisableSound 1/0
game.setChannels #
game.setMasterVolume #
game.setMenuMusicVolume #
game.setMusicOnOff 1/0
game.setLocalizedDialog 0
game.setQuality #
game.setHardware #
game.setGameDisplayMode 800 600 32 0
game.setDetailTexture #
game.setGraphicsQuality #
game.setLightmaps 1/0
game.setRenderWhenSpawnMenu 1
game.setMenuViewdistance #
game.setEffectsQuality #
game.setPerformance #
Air Controls
game.setAirKeyboardSensitivity # (Sets keyboard sensitivity when flying planes)
game.setAirMouseSensitivity # (Sets mouse sensitivity when flying planes)
game.setAirMouseInvert 1/0 (1 for inverted, 0 for default (non-inverted) when flying planes)
These settings can't be changed in-game. You must edit these settings in the Sound.con file.

Sound.setDopplerFactor 1/0 (Turns on/off 3D Audio effects)
Sound.setRolloffFactor 1/0 (As above)
Sound.setDistanceFactor 1/0 (As above)
Sound.setPitchChangeRate #
Sound.showSoundInfo 1/0 (Toggles information display about the sound performance)
Sound.drawSoundObjects 1/0 (As above)
profiler.enable 1/0 
profiler.report # # 1/0 
profiler.reportfile # # 1/0 
profiler.reportfile # # 1/0 
profiler.enableTimer (Timer number)
profiler.disableTimer (Timer number)
profiler.enableVTuneForTimer (Timer number)
profiler.disableVTuneForTimer (Timer number)
profiler.enableTimerByName (Timer Name)
profiler.disableTimerByName (Timer Name)
profiler.enableVTuneForTimerFromName (Timer Name)
profiler.disableVTuneForTimerFromName (Timer Name)
renderer.allowAllRefreshRates 1/0
renderer.extrapolateFrame 1/0
renderer.mipMapBias #
renderer.setVSyncEnabled 0/1 0/1
Ignore Commands
chat.ignoreRadioText 0/1
chat.ignoreRadioAudio 0/1
chat.setIgnoreRadioAudioAndText 0/1
chat.addToIgnoreList (user id)
chat.removeFromIgnoreList (user id)

Punish & Forgive
admin.spawnDelayPenaltyForTK (value) (1.0 = wait 1 spawn)
admin.banPlayerOnTKKick 0/1
admin.nrOfTKToKick (value)
admin.tkPunishMode 0/1

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