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DCS A-10C Warthog Start Up
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30th May 2014

1. Set Battery switch to PWR (right side panel).

2. Set Inverter switch to STBY (right side panel).

3. Test caution and warning systems: press and HOLD the lamp test button (Auxiliary Lighting Panel - left side panel)

4. Test fuel indicator (right side front dash). Two needles should point to 3,000 lbs. and digital totalizer readout should be around 6,000 lbs.

5. Set SUPPLY switch to ON (Oxygen Regulator Panel - left side panel). Oxygen flow should be indicated in the FLOW window.

6. Press the OXY IND TEST button (Oxygen Regulator Panel - left side panel). Watch for OXY LOW caution light on the Caution Lights Panel to turn on when indication falls below 0.5 liters.

7. Set VHF/AM Frequency Mode dial (left side panel) to TR (transmitter). Right- click the Squelch switch to squelch radio static.

8. Set VHF/FM Frequency Mode dial (left side panel) to TR (transmitter). Right click the Squelch switch to squelch radio static.

9. Set the UHF radio Function dial to MAIN.

10. Right-click and HOLD Canopy Control switch (right front panel). LEFT CTRL + C

11. Turn on power to the boost pumps for left/right wing tanks and left/right fuselage tanks. Turn 4 switches to UP (left side panel – Fuel System Control Panel).

12. Set Right and Left Fuel Flow switches to NORM (left side panel).

13. Set APU start switch to START (left side panel). Monitor APU Exhaust Gas Temp-EGT and RPM gauges on the Engine Monitoring Instruments–EMI (bottom right front dash).

14. Wait for EGT to stabilize (400-450-c) and for the RPM to stabilize (100%).

15. Set the APU Generator switch to PWR (Electrical Panel – right side panel).

16. Set the Left and Right AC Generator switches UP to PWR (Electrical Panel – right side panel).

17. Move Left Throttle from OFF to IDLE (Right ALT + Home).

18. Wait for left engine to run normal and stable.

19. Move Right Throttle from OFF to IDLE (Right CTRL + Home).

20. Wait for right engine to run normal and stable.

21. Flight controls check: stick and rudder input/speed brakes and flaps.

22. Turn OFF APU Generator (Electrical Panel – right side panel)

23. Turn OFF APU (throttle panel – left side panel)

24. Uncage the Standby Attitude Indicator-SAI (front dash). Turn the SAI cage knob to the left by rolling mouse wheel down over the knob. Once uncaged, roll the wheel back to set SAI aircraft indicator level on the horizon.

25. Power up the Control Display Unit-CDU (right side panel) by flipping the switch up.

26. Power up the Embedded GPS/INS (EGI) systems (right side panel) by flipping the switch up.

27. Turn on the Central Interface Control Unit (CICU) by flipping the switch up (left lower dash).

28. Set the Integrated Flight and Fire Control Computer (IFFCC) switch to the TEST position by left-clicking once (left lower dash).

29. Press ENT on the Up Front Controller (UFC) to start the IFFCC testing process (will take approx. 1min).

30. Set the Left/Right Yaw and Pitch SAS channels (4 switches) to ON (SAS panel – left side panel) while the IFFCC is going through testing.

31. Press T/O TRIM button to set the flight controls systems to take-off trim (left side panel).

32. Arm the Enhanced Attitude Control (EAC) switch (Low Altitude Safety and Targeting Enhancement panel – left side panel. Hidden under the throttles).

33. Press OSB 10 (LOAD ALL) on the left MFCD to upload data from the data cartridge.

34. Wait 15 seconds or so for the data to upload.

35. Press OSB 13 (CDU) on the right MFCD to display CDU data.

36. IFFCC testing should be complete. The cursor should be pointing to EXIT on the HUD. Press ENT on the UFC.

37. Press the SEL rocker key on the UFC down until cursor points to EXIT on the HUD. Then press ENT to exit.

38. Set IFFCC switch to ON by left-clicking (left lower dash). This takes the IFFCC out of test mode.

39. Press OSB 9 (NAV) on right MFCD. Sets the right MFCD to the navigation page.

40. Press OSB 15 (TAD) on the left MFCD. Sets the left MFCD to Tactical Awareness Display page.

41. Right-click the STEER PT (steer point) switch twice on the AAP panel (right side panel).

42. Set the Countermeasures Signal Processor (CMSP) mode switch to STBY (CMSP panel –right side panel).

43. Set 4 System Select switches to ON-middle position (left side panel).

44. Set the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) switch to ON (left lower dash). Provides pwr to the Situational Awareness Datalink.

45. Set the Anti-Skid switch to ON (left side dash).

46. Turn on Nose Wheel Steering (NWS). Press pinky button on the control stick or INSERT on the keyboard.

Mats! Full Auto-Start : Right win + Home

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